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Our story

Established in 2010, we have developed a wide range of traditional style and contemporary ales and lagers.

We use only high quality malted barley and hops (predominantly Kentish), and a live yeast that is unique to our beers. Being live, rather than dried, our yeast contributes to a full, smooth flavour.

We are members of SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) and are accredited by SALSA, which requires us to meet high standards in production processes, hygiene, product safety and quality control

All our beers are certified as being GLUTEN FREE by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. They are also suitable for vegans, including our cask ales where isinglass finings are no longer used

Our beers are packaged into a wide range of formats to meet the needs of all trade sectors.

We have recently upgraded our brewery by installing a modern, new 20 BBL facility which has enabled us to widen our range and improve availability
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